Soulok Stormfury at Camp Oneqwah wants you to frighten 15 Highland Mustangs.

Provided Item: Flashbang Grenade


The Alliance's 'Westfall Brigade' is camped far to the north, near Thor Modan. They have foolishly divided their forces to contest our control of Venture Bay, and they have been left without cavalry.

They're now trying to capture and tame the wild highland mustangs that roam the area around the Westfall Brigade Encampment and Boulder Hills. We must stop them before they're able to replace their lost mounts. Take this and throw it near the horses to drive them away.


You will receive: 5Gold 90Silver



<Soulok nods in approval.> Well done, <name>. We must not let the Alliance gain any kind of advantage.

Point of InterestEdit

This quest coincides with the Alliance quest Quest:Mounting Up.

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