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Neutral 32 The Hex Lord's Fetish
StartWitch Doctor T'wansi
EndWitch Doctor T'wansi
Requires Level 85
Experience86,750 XP
or 5Gold20Silver50Copper at Level 110
PreviousNeutral 15 [85] X Marks... Your Doom!

Objectives Edit

Obtain the Hex Lord's Fetish from Hex Lord Malacrass in Zul'Aman.

Description Edit

Dis new warlord of da Amani, he be nothin' but an overgrown brute without da protection of a strong witch doctor and he has just dat.

Da new warlord's ally be Hex Lord Malacrass, da most feared witch doctor to walk among da Amani in decades. Without da hex lord's say-so, Daakara won't be submitting his people to da control of da Zandalari.

Defeat Hex Lord Malacrass, bring me his favorite fetish, and I be seein' that ya get a fittin' reward.

Progress Edit

Have ya eliminated Hex Lord Malacrass?

Completion Edit

So dis is da fetish of da mighty Malacrass? It be a good addition to my collection, <name>. And now, I believe, rewards be in order.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

You will also be able to choose one of the following:

Inv misc questionmark
Voodoo Hunting Bow
Inv misc questionmark
Fetish Greaves
Inv misc questionmark
T'wansi's Handwraps

Notes Edit

  • Wowhead categorizes this as a Raid quest even though Zul'Aman is no longer a raid.

Progression Edit

Patch changes Edit

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