Objectives Edit

Bring a vial of Suntouched Heartblood to Rejek at Frenzyheart Hill.

Provided Item:

Description Edit

One day, Rejek will be mighty warrior. Blood and skyfire will make Rejek strong. You see soon.

Rejek give you vial, you take to very top of Suntouched Pillar, far to west. Put waters there in vial.

Then go to north edge of basin, to ledge north of Bonefields. You find and kill goretalon matriarch. Take heartblood.

You combine heartblood and water, bring to Rejek. Rejek drink, make strong.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 7Gold 40Silver

Progress Edit

You bring Rejek gift?

Completion Edit

Rejek thanks you. Rejek drink, grow strong, always remember might <name>'s gift.

Notes Edit

Filling [Rejek's Vial] at the Suntouched Pillar[33.4, 52.4] makes it become [Suntouched Water].

The Goretalon Matriarch is at [59.7, 23.9] and drops [Matriarch's Heartblood]. Combine the water and heartblood to make [Suntouched Heartblood].

Upon completing, Rejek drinks the potion.

Rejek says: Still warm, just the way Rejek likes it.
Rejek says: Rejek feel strong! Rejek crush big-tongue skulls between his hands!
Rejek says: Rejek and <name> will teach the enemies of the Frenzyheart to fear us!

Completing this quest is a criteria of the Honorary Frenzyheart achievement.

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