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Objectives Edit

Speak with Lord Itharius again inside the Temple of Atal'Hakkar.

Description Edit

I must confess I have a more personal involvement in this affair. One of the first green dragons corrupted here was my brother, Eranikus.

I thought Eranikus gone, lost forever to the darkest rifts of nightmare, but I have heard that his shade has emerged within the temple. I know not whether it is truly him, or an empty, mornful echo.

If you wish to help me further, return to the Hall of Masks and journey through the archway into the true sanctum of the temple. I will find you there.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 40Silver

Completion Edit

I am pleased to see you once again, <name>. You are truly noble to assist me further.

Notes Edit

Head back inside the temple and cross the instance line in the Hall of Masks. Itharius waits just inside. This is the optional breadcrumb to the post-Cataclysm Sunken Temple quests and is not required.

Quest progression Edit

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Patches and hotfixes Edit

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