Quest:The Headless Horseman

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Alliance 32 The Headless Horseman
StartCostumed Orphan Matron
EndPumpkin Shrine
Rewards7Gold 59Silver
NextCall the Headless Horseman


Find the Headless Horseman's Pumpkin Shrine.


The Headless Horseman is driven away, but he will return as long as Hallow's End looms. <name>, end our misery, and the insane lament of the Horseman. Face him when he is joined with his head, and destroy it!

He rests in the Forlorn Cloister of the Scarlet Monastery, in Tirisfal Glade. Find his pumpkin shrine and say this:

  Horseman, rise
  Your time is nigh
  You felt death once
  Now, know demise!

Go, <name>. And may the Light go with you.


The origin of this shrine is unknown, but there is no doubt to whom it pays homage...


You will receive: 7Gold 59Silver

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