Prerequisites Edit

  • Can be attainable at level 13.

Objectives Edit

Captain Thalo'thas Brightsun of Ratchet wants you to collect 10 Theramore Medals and slay Captain Fairmount, Cannoneer Whessan and Cannoneer Smythe.

Items Needed:


Quest Text Edit

Yet another ship from my fleet has been lost to those overzealous humans at Northwatch Hold!

Those pests must be dealt with. Their paranoia has them in a state of frenzy. Trigger happy, reckless louts are shooting at anything in their sights.

Travel south along the Merchant Coast to the Hold and lay siege to their forces. Bring me the medals of their soldiers as proof. And for the love of my fleet, slay Captain Fairmount and her overzealous cannoneers!

Progress Edit

My fleet is in peril with Captain Fairmount and her damned cannoneers blasting away from Northwatch Hold. I want her soldiers to pay as well. Fill my hand with medals from their dead and I will know that vengeance has been given to my fallen privateers.

Completion Edit

Alas, the righteous Alliance guns have been silenced. You shall be rewarded for your aid, <name>.

Now to tend to the grim task of recovering the bodies of the dead....

Reward Edit

You will be allowed to choose one of the following:

Trivia Edit

the quest and it's name are clear references to the 1957 novel The Guns of Navarone and it's film adaption.

External linksEdit

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