Objectives Edit

Travel to Blackrock Depths and recover 20 Dark Iron Fanny Packs. Return to Oralius when you have completed this task. You assume that the Dark Iron dwarves inside Blackrock Depths carry these 'fanny pack' contraptions.

Description Edit

Captain Winky tells me that the Dark Irons in the Depths got all the good stuff. Ain't that right, Winky? <Oralius does his best impersonation of a pirate.> ARRR MATEY! IT BE RIGHT! See what I'm saying? You need to get in there and bring me back some samples of the good stuff. Get in there and shake your moneymaker!

Reward Edit

You receive
Inv misc bag 09 black

You will also receive:85Silver

Progress Edit

I can't be bothered right now, <name>. Me and Winky got a meeting to attend.

Completion Edit

<Oralius starts rummaging through the mountainous pile of fanny packs.> OH WONDERFUL! <Oralius sticks his large nose into the pile and takes a whiff.> DELICIOUS! Look at all these goodies! Take one for yourself, <name>. There's plenty to go around.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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