This quest concludes the Learning from the Crystals quest chain.

Objectives Edit

Get an Axxarian Crystal Sample using the Crystal Mining Pick on the Axxarien Crystal and bring it to Harbinger Mikolaas in Blood Watch.

Description Edit

There's just one sample remaining before I can send this set of crystals to the Exodar, <name>. The final sample must come from the satyr stronghold of Axxarien to the northwest.

I'm not certain what to expect from this crystal sample, but I'm sure there will be some signs of corruption. Take care to mine your shard from the crystal that looks like the ones you took your previous samples from, or else our researchers cannot make a valid comparison.

Progress Edit

Have you returned with the last sample for my set?

Completion Edit

<Harbinger Mikolaas accepts the last crystal from you.>

That rounds out the set. All that remains to be done is to box them and send them to the Exodar.

<The harbinger seems glad to be done with the task.>

Don't get me wrong, <name>, I'm sure the research is valuable, but we're faced with a number of other pressing problems out here.

Reward Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Notes Edit

The Axxarien Crystal[41, 31]
you are looking for is quite large. It can be found near a shrine on the cliff side of the Axxarien camp.

The quest Containing the Threat also takes you into this camp, cutting down the numbers of satyr in the area.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [11] Learning from the Crystals
  2. Alliance 15 [14] The Missing Survey Team
  3. Alliance 15 [14] Salvaging the Data
  4. Alliance 15 [14] The Second Sample
  5. Alliance 15 [18] The Final Sample

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