Quest:The Fate of Dalaran

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Alliance 32 The Fate of Dalaran
StartAnduin Wrynn
EndAnduin Wrynn
Requires Level 90
Experience236,000 XP
or 14Gold16Silver at Level 110
Reputation+500 Operation: Shieldwall
+350 Alliance
Rewards19Gold 84Silver 50Copper

Objectives Edit

Speak with Jaina Proudmoore and hear her story.

Speak with Jaina Proudmoore

Description Edit

Jaina is refusing to hear me out. Father was hoping I would have some pull with her, but I think she still sees me as a child.

You, on the other hand, are a hero of the Alliance and I know she respects your deeds.

Is there something you can say to her to convince her we need her help?

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

Thank you for your help, hero. I hear the wisdom in Jaina's words.

Let's hope her faith in the Sunreavers is justified.

Rewards Edit

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