Quest:The False Warchief

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Neutral 32 The False Warchief
StartAcride [30.5, 39.8]
EndAcride [30.5, 39.8]
CategoryBlackrock Spire
Experience9,250 XP
or 55Silver50Copper at Level 110
Rewards3Gold 53Silver
PreviousA Potential Ally (optional)


Kill Warchief Rend Blackhand.


Rend Blackhand was the son of an Orc Warchief. His father was slain by Orgrim Doomhammer, who became the new Warchief over the young orc. Rend now stands as the supposed leader of a false Horde of Blackrock orcs, back by Nefarian and his army of dragons.

The fool claims that the Horde is also his by birthright, and threatens to take it by force! We cannot allow this to occur in light of his master's influence. Find him in the Upper Spire and bring an end to the false warchief, <class>.


You will receive: 3Gold 53Silver


Rend will not fall without a fight.


You saw nefarian when you fought Rend?

<Acride sighs.>

I wish I had accompanied you, then. I could have faced him unaware, outside his lair... but no matter. Nefarian will die by my claw.

You've done well.


Quest progressionEdit

  1. Neutral 15 [58D] A Potential Ally (optional)

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