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Horde 32 The Fallen Courier
StartApothecary Thedra [49, 89]
EndApothecary Thedra [49, 89]
Requires Level 9
Experience850 XP
or 5Silver9Copper at Level 110
Reputation+1000 Tranquillien
PreviousMissing in the Ghostlands
NextDelivery to Tranquillien

Objectives Edit

Apothecary Thedra in Eversong Woods wants you to bring her 4 Plagued Blood Samples from beasts in the Ghostlands.

Description Edit

What are you standing around for? Can't you see this boy needs immediate attention? By the looks of it, the plague is beginning to take over his body. Within minutes not even a master apothecary like me will be able to save him.

The animals south of the river all carry the plague in their blood. Go across the bridge and hunt the plagued beasts there. Bring me enough plagued blood samples and I'll distill a serum capable of saving this blood elf. Hurry!

Progress Edit

Well? Did you bring me what I need? Hurry, or the pretty blood elf boy is a goner!

Completion Edit

Just in time, <name>! I was about ready to start digging a hole for our friend here.

My potion seems to be working; he's coming to.

Hey, I think he's trying to get your attention. Why don't you talk to him?

Gains Edit

Notes Edit

These can be found off the mobs just south in Ghostlands. The Mistbats are a good source.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Horde 15 [10] Missing in the Ghostlands
  2. Horde 15 [10] The Fallen Courier
  3. Horde 15 [10] Delivery to Tranquillien

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