Quest:The Eye of Haramad

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Neutral 32 The Eye of Haramad
StartImage of Commander Ameer
EndImage of Commander Ameer
Requires Level 70
CategoryBlade's Edge Mountains
Rewards[The Eye of Haramad]

The Eye of Haramad is only available to players who are exalted with the Consortium.


You will receive:
Inv qiraj hiltornate
[The Eye of Haramad]


You have done much for the Protectorate and the Consortium, <name>. It is only fitting, then, that the first of our new keys goes to you. With this key you will be able to open Shaffar's personal stasis chamber at any time without having expended the key itself.

<Ameer nods.>

It is permanent and will be with you forever.

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