Bring 10 Black Dragonkin Essences to Brogg at Mudsprocket.


To make the totem Brogg will need for his ritual, he must use the essence of the creatures who killed his friends. The hate and anger of Brogg's enemies will fuel the magic of his vengeance.

Track down Firemane ash tails, scouts or scalebanes and use Brogg's totem on their corpses. Only when the dragonkin die will they give up their essences.

The creatures you seek swarm over the Den of Flame to the northwest and the Stonemaul Ruins to the north.


Do you have the essences? Brogg must have them to avenge his friends!


You have Brogg's thanks, <name>. Once Brogg adds their magic to the totem, it will be able to redeem the spirits of Brogg's fallen friends.


You will receive: 45Silver

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