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| name= The Eastern Kingdoms
| faction= Horde
| level= 54
| levelreq = 50
| type= Dungeon
| category = Orgrimmar
| start = [[Thrall]]
| end = [[Thrall]]
| experience = 550 EXP (or {{cost||3|30}} at level 70)
| rewards =
| previous = {{questlong|Horde|54|What Is Going On? (2)|What Is Going On?|id=4001}}
| next = {{questlong|Horde|59|The Royal Rescue|The Royal Rescue|id=4003}}
| id = 4002
== Objectives ==
Speak with [[Thrall]] if you are prepared to take on the mission he has planned.
== Description ==
You bring excellent information, <name>.
As Warchief, it is my duty to do what is best for the [[Horde]]. To ensure that the generations that come after us are not forced into a hopeless existence.
The opportunity to shape our future alliances has fallen into our collective laps. A move to help the dwarves could greatly strengthen our relationships in the Eastern Kingdoms. This, then, is why you must not fail!
Are you prepared?
== Completion ==
There is no going back beyond this point, <name>.
== Gains ==
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
*550 [[XP]] (or {{cost||3|30}} at level 70)
== Quest progression ==
{{Commander Gor'shak}}
==External links==
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