Objectives Edit

Walt at the Explorers' League Outpost in the Howling Fjord wants you to use the Iron Rune Construct to explore the thundering cave at Baelgun's Excavation Site.

Dismiss your construct by dismissing it from the pet window once you have completed the quest.

  • Thundering Cave Investigated

Description Edit

The cavern that we opened at Baelgun's was the one place that most steered clear of... Can't say I blame 'em. The sound of thunder shot out of that cave, <name>! Loud, booming thunder!

I think near the end, it was abandoned by all. Bad, bad things happened to any that went in to explore - most never coming back.

I want you to check that cave out while you're at Baelgun's. Explore around the titan statue inside and report back with your findings.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv gauntlets 05
[Acid-Etched Knuckles]
Inv sword 96
[Featherweight Claymore]
Inv weapon shortblade 69
[Fullered Coldsteel Dagger]
Inv weapon rifle 22
[Hair-Trigger Blunderbuss]

You will also receive: 9Gold 40Silver

Progress Edit

Any luck?

Completion Edit

Incredible! What could those iron menaces be up to? What are they doing in the Storm Peaks? And what is this Loken!? I'll forward this information to our central base of operations in the Dragonblight, <name>. I'll also let 'em know that you were invaluable in the acquisition of said info.

Notes Edit

Walk into the cave on the cliff.

Loken yells: Come, minions! Your master calls!
Loken yells: The work of your brothers in the Storm Peaks has reached a frenzied pace. Soon, Father will be freed.
Loken yells: Your brothers to the north have subjugated the stone behemoths and set them on the path to Ulduar. Soon, the remaining defenses of the Pantheon will be neutralized.
Loken yells: The three fissures opened by the mortals of this region must be silenced. The earth hears and sees what we do and will continue to interfere with our efforts if the way is not closed.
Loken yells: Bury this place! Your master demands it!
The sound of thunder dissipates.

The quest is named after the Pink Floyd live double album of the same name, which is further named after Ray Bradbury's work "A Sound of Thunder".

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [71] The Explorers' League Outpost
  2. Alliance 15 [71] Problems on the High Bluff
  3. Alliance 15 [71] Tools to Get the Job Done
  4. Alliance 15 [71] We Can Rebuild It
    Alliance 15 [71] We Have the Technology
  5. Alliance 15 [71] Iron Rune Constructs and You: Rocket Jumping
  6. Alliance 15 [71] Iron Rune Constructs and You: Collecting Data
  7. Alliance 15 [71] Iron Rune Constructs and You: The Bluff
  8. Alliance 15 [71] Lightning Infused Relics
    Alliance 15 [71] The Delicate Sound of Thunder
  9. Alliance 15 [71] News From the East

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