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Alliance 32 The Defias Brotherhood
StartGryan Stoutmantle
EndWiley the Black
Requires Level 14
Experience1,350 XP
or 8Silver9Copper at Level 110
Reputation+250 Stormwind
NextThe Defias Brotherhood (2)

This quest starts the Defias Brotherhood quest chain.

Objectives Edit

Gryan Stoutmantle wants you to talk to Wiley in Lakeshire.

Quest Text Edit

The band of wretches responsible for driving the good people of Westfall from the land call themselves The Defias Brotherhood. I need you to infiltrate this clan of thugs. We need to know who heads up the cartel and where they are hiding out. In Lakeshire, in the inn, there is a rogue by the name of Wiley who owes me a favor.

Travel to Lakeshire in the Redridge Mountains, east of Elwynn, and find out what you can.

Completion Edit

So, Stoutmantle sent you? Well, I owe him.

Rewards Edit

Notes Edit

Lakeshire is in the Redridge Mountains. Follow the road east clear out of Elwynn Forest. Continue straight at the first crossroads, and the road will turn north and cross a bridge.

Wiley is in the second floor of the inn.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [18] The Defias Brotherhood
  2. Alliance 15 [18] The Defias Brotherhood
  3. Alliance 15 [18] The Defias Brotherhood
  4. Alliance 15 [18] The Defias Brotherhood
  5. Alliance 15 [18] The Defias Brotherhood
  6. Alliance 15 [18G2] The Defias Brotherhood
  7. Alliance 15 [22D] The Defias Brotherhood

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