This quest is a part of The Third Fleet questline. It starts with Alliance 15 [27] The Third Fleetω τ ϖ


Kill 13 Cursed Sailors, 5 Cursed Marines and First Mate Snellig. Bring Snellig's Snuffbox to First Mate Fitzsimmons in Menethil Harbor.


<Bolstered, Fitzsimmons continues his tale...>

I am the sole survivor of the ill-fated Third Fleet of Kul Tiras, wrecked off the coast to the north. But although I'm the only member of the fleet still breathing, I'm not the only one still walking about! For on one of our ships was hidden a great, and terrible treasure, and the eerie power of it keeps the souls of my brothers trapped within the ships' rotting hulls.

But if you can free some of my brothers, then perhaps you can break their curse.


You will receive: 19Silver


In my dreams, I can sometimes hear the doomed moans of my brethren! Please, good madam, free them from the bonds and quiet their cries.


My thanks to you, <name>. And the gratitude of my cursed brethren goes to you as well.


This quest takes place in the two boats off the north-east coast of the Wetlands. Killing the Marines and Sailors should be easy enough, since they populate both boats. First Mate Snellig can be found in the hold of the more southern of the two boats. He should be just inside the large hole in the hull.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [27] The Third Fleet
  2. Alliance 15 [29] The Cursed Crew
  3. Alliance 15 [30] Lifting the Curse
  4. Alliance 15 [30] The Eye of Paleth
  5. Alliance 15 [30] Cleansing the Eye

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