Quest:The Crown of Will (4)

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Horde 32 The Crown of Will
Requires Level 34
CategoryHillsbrad Foothills
Experience6,300 XP
or 37Silver79Copper at Level 110
Reputation+350 Undercity
PreviousThe Crown of Will (3)
NextThe Crown of Will (5)

Objectives Edit

Kill Mug'Thol, and return his head with the Crown of Will to Melisara in Tarren Mill.

Description Edit

With Mug'Thol's lieutenants dead, all that remains is to kill Mug'Thol and retrieve the [Crown of Will]. I have no doubt he'll be reluctant to part with it. Most likely expecting you, too, given the... departure... of his fellows.

Find Mug'Thol, and deliver his head and the Crown to me. The Crushridge resistance will be at an end.

Progress Edit

Three heads I have, a fourth I need. It will be Mug'Thol's, or it will be yours, <Name>. That I promise.

Completion Edit

You have done your duty well, <name>. Mug'Thol's head shall adorn the highest peak of the ruins of Alterac, and the Deathguard will sweep the remnants of the Crushridge into the ground.

Gains Edit

Quest Line Edit

  1. Horde 15 [39] The Crown of Will
  2. Horde 15 [39] The Crown of Will
  3. Horde 15 [41] The Crown of Will
  4. Horde 15 [41] The Crown of Will
  5. Horde 15 [43] The Crown of Will

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