Prerequisites Edit

Must have completed The Corrupter (2)

Objectives Edit

Bring an Oracle Crystal to Maurin Bonesplitter in Desolace.

Details Edit

The Slitherblade oracles can be found in the northwest of the zone, out in the sea.

Description Edit

An oracle crystal would do nicely. They are crafted by the naga for their oracles to use.

Northwest of here, along the coast, is a vast coral reef that the naga have taken as their home when this close to the shore. You can find their oracles there. The Slitherblade are deadly and will not react kindly to your intrusions, so be careful and make haste.

When you return, we shall see about finding the demon lord Azrethoc.

Progress Edit

I am ready for the oracle crystal, <class>. Finding and destroying this Lord Azrethoc would garner a great deal of favor with the Warchief for both of us. We would do well to work together and to do so swiftly so we may further our own ends and curry favor with the Warchief.

Completion Edit

A precious oracle crystal... flawless... beautiful. Indeed.

We shall begin immediately. Finding this demon lord should be our primary concern, and its slaying demands our utmost attention.

Take a step back, <class>, and let us see what this demon is, and where he may be found.

<Click Complete Quest>

Maurin Bonesplitter says: This should only take a moment, <name>.

Maurin Bonesplitter says: [Demonic] X amir rikk zila parn Amanalar Ante rikk thorje xi no

Jugkar Grim'rod's Image says: Pathetic forsaken weakling. You wish to see my master? So be it.

Lord Azrethoc's Image says: [Demonic] Kar refir xi raka no shi

Lord Azrethoc's Image says: [Demonic] Rethule

Lord Azrethoc's Image says: [Demonic] Parn Parn xi rikk mannor no shi rikk

Maurin Bonesplitter says: An interesting turn of events.

Jugkar Grim'rod's Image says: Yes, come. My master and I shall be waiting.

Quest ProgressionEdit

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