Prerequisites Edit

Must have completed The Corrupter

Objectives Edit

Bring a Shadowstalker Scalp to Maurin Bonesplitter in Desolace.

Details Edit

The Hatefury Shadowstalkers can be found near Sargeron in the northeast of Desolace.

Description Edit

I believe I can find this demon lord given the proper reagents.

If he is indeed as powerful as I suspect, I will need items gathered from deadly creatures. But you act in the Warchief's name, so I am sure you will accept my task.

First, I will have to break any wards he has against scrying. For this, I will need the scalp from a satyr--but not any satyr. The scalp must come from a Hatefury shadowstalker.

Search for them among the ancient ruins in the northeast of Desolace.

Progress Edit

Do not bring me an incorrect scalp, <class>. Using the incorrect reagents could cause our deaths. The demon lord may have contingency spells on his person to slay those who would scry upon him.

Fate has already dealt me enough pain.

Completion Edit

The shadowstalkers were unable to slay you, <class>. Impressive... most impressive.

This scalp will do nicely for my spell. While you were away, I was able to gather some of the other reagents needed for the spell.

I am almost ready. I only need a focus for the spell--something to project an image of the demon lord and his whereabouts.

Quest ProgressionEdit

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