Objectives Edit

Obtain Norgannon's Core, then use [Brann's Communicator] to contact Brann Bronzebeard.

If you lose Brann's Communicator, speak to Moteha Windborn at the Grom'arsh Crash-Site to replace it.

Description Edit

Prospector Soren's notes say that Norgannon's Core is in the keeping of a sentinel named Athan, one of Mimir's creations.

Soren says the vault where Athan resides is called "Loken's Bargain" these days.

Loken, eh? The Earthen have mentioned him.

The vault is said to be southwest of the ruined Explorers' League camp, with a round entrance on a mountainside overlooking the Valley of Ancient Winters.

Find this Athan and get the core from him, but I wouldn't be surprised if you were in for a fight.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 7Gold 40Silver

Progress Edit

Was Prospector Soren right? Did you finally find Norgannon's Core?

Completion Edit

This is really it! The key is almost within our grasp. All we need now is a way to combine the shell and the core into a single key. Let's see what Prospector Soren had to say about this...

Gains Edit

  • 22050 XP or 13Gold 23Silver at 80

Notes Edit

The entrance to the vault is at [56.3, 58.4]. You can use your flying mount to get all the way down to the back of the vault where Athan is.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Horde 15 [80] The Missing Bronzebeard
  2. Horde 15 [80] The Nose Knows
  3. Horde 15 [80] Sniffing Out the Perpetrator
  4. Horde 15 [80] Speak Orcish, Man!
  5. Horde 15 [80] Speaking with the Wind's Voice
  6. Horde 15 [80] Catching up with Brann
  7. Horde 15 [80] Pieces of the Puzzle
  8. Horde 15 [80] Data Mining
  9. Horde 15 [80] The Library Console
  10. Horde 15 [80] Norgannon's Shell
  11. Horde 15 [80] Going After the Core
  12. Horde 15 [80] The Core's Keeper
  13. Horde 15 [80] Forging the Keystone

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