Quest:The Conquest Pit: Mad Furbolg Fighting

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Horde 32 The Conquest Pit: Mad Furbolg Fighting
StartGrennix Shivwiggle
EndBookie Vel'jen
CategoryGrizzly Hills
Experience25,950 XP
or 1Gold55Silver69Copper at Level 110
Rewards16Gold 80Silver
PreviousThe Conquest Pit: Bear Wrestling!
NextThe Conquest Pit: Blood and Metal


Defeat Torgg Thundertotem inside the Conquest Pit and speak to Bookie Vel'jen for a reward.

Description Edit

You're not bad. Not bad at all.

Think you can take a furbolg? What about one of those extra-large crazed Northrend furbolgs?

Good, good. Get your crew together, and head to the ring. Let's give these folks a show... maybe we can earn some more coin while we're at it.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 16Gold 80Silver

Completion Edit

Those were some sharp moves, friend! Lots of bets against you, which is good news cash-wise!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 25950 XP (or 12Gold 45Silver compensation at level 80)

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