Quest:The Color of Blood

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Alliance 32 The Color of Blood
StartNikova Raskol
EndNikova Raskol
Requires Level 22
CategoryStormwind City
Experience2,650 XP
or 15Silver90Copper at Level 100


Nikova Raskol of Stormwind wants you to collect 10 Red Wool Bandanas.


Bitterness flows through my veins like a cold river. My grandson, Mac, was such a good boy. A mere 14 years old. When the army was sent off to the front, Mac took up arms to defend the city. He was a guard in The Stockade, where the Defias gang is locked up. Mac reprimanded some of the prisoners for tearing their wool blankets to make scarves, a symbol of their gang. For that Mac was stabbed in the back. I want revenge. Bring me 10 of their precious Wool Bandanas. They are the color of blood.


You will receive:60Silver


I see you are back, <class>.  Have you collected 10 Red Wool Bandanas from those Defias Scum in The Stockade yet?


So these bandanas -- filthy tokens of corruption -- are what my Mac had to die for?  Such a waste.  Such a tragic sacrifice. But alas, I cannot return to the past.  Just know, <name>, that you have brought my family justice through your deeds.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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