Quest:The Celestial Tournament

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Neutral 32 The Celestial Tournament
StartMaster Li
EndMaster Li
TypeWeekly Account
CategoryTimeless Isle
Rewards1 Inv misc trinketpanda 07 Celestial Coin
125 Pvecurrency-valor Valor Points
1000 Timelesscoin Timeless Coins
11Gold 40Silver

Objectives Edit

Speak with Master Li[34.8, 59.6] to enter the Celestial Tournament and defeat all the challengers there.

  • Celestial Tournament won

Description Edit

The Timeless Isle is home to a special tournament created to test the leadership of its participants. Those who prove their worth are granted an opportunity to befriend an embodiment of virtue - the progeny of the celestials themselves.

Each time you win the tournament, I will honor you with a single ceremonial coin. When you have enough coins, speak with me again to further discuss your reward.

Completion Edit

A true leader stands before me. It is my honor to grant you this coin, <name>.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

Notes Edit

  • This is a Pet Battle event.
  • It consists of seven fights, though you may switch out pets.
  • You may flee and then come back to the battle if needed.
  • No time limit.

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