Objectives Edit

Defeat Helix Gearbreaker.

Description Edit


Hello, can you hear me? Excellent!

It looks like Helix is in charge of building an enormous mast. You don't think they're trying to finish the Defias Juggernaut, do you?

You'd better go investigate, <name>, and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty! You have clearance to use deadly force if necessary and, let's face it, it's probably going to be necessary.

("Often seen riding a ferocious lumbering oaf.")

Progress Edit


Completion Edit


Hey, it's Horatio. That was intense! I'm watching your progress on the Stormwind Communicator's Spyatron X3 application.

They sure are using a lot of heavily fortified doors to hide their work. Keep pushing forward and see what you find next. I bet it'll be a huge clue!

("It's starting to come together now.")

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

Notes Edit

After killing Glubtok, keep heading east and south past the Goblin Overseers, Mining Monkeys and a Mine Bunny! Still plenty of Mining Powder which can be attacked, as before. In addition, the Mining Monkeys, which are initially neutral, can be freed from the Ball and Chain to turn on the overseers! The overseer will "Motivate" the now-friendly monkey, so interrupt it and take him out! Watch out for the Mine Bunny's Drunken Haze attack as well. She does drop quite a bit of Refreshing Pineapple Punch as well.

Guarding the Heavy Door to the Mast room are two linked Oaf Lackeys. After entering the room Horatio radios in with this quest. There are a few more lackeys inside. Up on a hill at [50.0, 90.6] is a Lumbering Oaf, being ridden by Helix Gearbreaker. See his article for more information. Horatio will again radio in automatically when the Gearbreaker has been killed.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [16D] The Foreman
  2. Alliance 15 [16D] The Carpenter
  3. Alliance 15 [16D] The Machination
  4. Alliance 15 [16D] The Admiral
  5. Alliance 15 [17D] The Defias Kingpin

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