Objectives Edit

Siege Engineer Quarterflash at Wintergarde Keep in Dragonblight wants you to recover 10 samples of Strange Ore from Wintergarde Mine.

Description Edit

Hours before the Naxxramas invasion, one of the miners stumbled upon a dark ore that was oozing a viscous fluid. In the chaos that occurred during the evacuation of the mine,l we lost the samples taken from the alien node. Now the Scourge prospects the ore for use in their machines of death.

You must get back to Wintergarde Mine, due northeast of here in the Carrion Fields and recover the strange ore. It is imperative to our mission's success!

Progress Edit

Have you recovered samples of the strange ore?

Completion Edit

This might be the moment, the very second, that the tide turns against the Scourge. You have proven yourself a hero of the Alliance, <name>, at least in my eyes, <name>.

Now if you would be so kind to give me some space, I will require additional time to study this ore in order to isolate impurities and weakness.

Carry on, ally. I will contact you once I have an update.

Notes Edit

This quest combines well with Alliance 15 [72] The Search for Slinkin and Not In Our Mine, as both send you to Wintergarde Mine.

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