Quest:The Best of Brews (Alliance)

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Alliance 32 The Best of Brews
StartCoren Direbrew
EndIpfelkofer Ironkeg
Rewards[Dark Iron Tankard]
PreviousSeek the Saboteurs

Objectives Edit

Take the Dark Iron Ale Keg to Ipfelkofer Ironkeg in Dun Morogh.

Description Edit

I know a bright lad like ya wants to stop the hostilities on the surface, eh? Ya want yer nice and merry Brewfest to go off without a hitch. I'll make ya a deal.

Take this keg of our finest brew to the Brewfest Organizer outside Ironforge, so that we Dark Iron dwarves can be rightly represented! The best brew in all of Azeroth comes from right here in this mountain, and don't ya ferget it!

Progress Edit

What's this?

Completion Edit

So you visited the Dark Iron and sought to put a stop to their sabotage? They attacked again a bit ago. Seems a Dark Iron's word is as good as their brew, eh?

Still, what you did to help is appreciated. Here, take a mug of the "ale" you brought from the depths of that mountain as your reward. Thirsty work, defeating all those Dark Irons!

Reward Edit

Inv drink 03

Questline Edit

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