Quest:The Arts of a Warrior

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Alliance 32 The Arts of a Warrior
StartDrill Sergeant Steamcrank
EndDrill Sergeant Steamcrank
Requires Level 3
CategoryDun Morogh
Class(es)Warrior, Rogue
Experience190 XP
or 1Silver14Copper at Level 100
ReputationGnomeregan +150
Rewards[Very Light Sabre]

Objectives Edit

Speak to Drill Sergeant Steamcrank to learn Charge. Locate a Training Dummy in New Tinkertown and use Charge on it.

  • Practice using Charge

Description Edit

I want to show you a simple but useful technique.

As I tell all my recruits, a warrior who strikes first can use that momentum to gain the upper hand. This is a technique to use from a distance, before engaging your opponent. It will allow you to charge in, taking your enemy by surprise and stunning him.

Try it out. Let me know when you think you've mastered it.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv sword 05
[Very Light Sabre]

You will also receive: 40Copper

Completion Edit

Good work! Keep practicing your charge and you'll have an instant advantage at the start of battle.


  • This is an early quest available only to gnome warriors.
  • Wowhead shows this quest as available to rogues, but this seems like a bug.

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