The Arts of a Rogue is a Rogue only quest to teach you how to use the first Rogue spell you will learn from a trainer, Eviscerate.

Objectives Edit

Speak to Kelsey Steelspark to learn Eviscerate, then find a Training Dummy in New Tinkertown and practice using Eviscerate 3 times.

Description Edit

I have a Technique I want to show you.

One of a Rogue's most potent abilities is to chain together moves in a combination, exploiting your enemy's weakness and opening up the opportunity to use stronger maneuvers. The technique I want to teach you is called Eviscerate. It is intended for use at the end of a combination to provide a strong finish to your assault.

Try using it after a landing a couple of Sinister Strikes.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 0Gold 0Silver 40Copper
Inv mace 34
[Death Star]

Progress Edit

As you progress in skill, you will learn more Techniques that allow you to create combinations of deadly maneuvers.

Completion Edit

I'm not surprised to see you're such a quick study. I look forward to showing you more of our tricks of the trade.

Gains Edit

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