Quest:The Apothecary's Letter

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Alliance 32 The Apothecary's Letter
Start[Sealed Letter]
EndAndello Porter
Requires Level 37
CategoryDustwallow Marsh
Experience3,700 XP
or 22Silver19Copper at Level 100


Bring the [Sealed Letter] to Andello Porter at Tabetha's Farm.

  • Sealed Letter (provided)


Recovered from the body of a Forsaken apothecary, this letter contains alarming evidence of a close alliance between the Grimtotems and the new masters of Lordaeron.

"As a demonstration of good faith and a symbol of our newfound trust, we have dispatched Apothecary Cylla to aid you in battling our mutual enemy in the land of Kalimdor. None will stand before our combined might and determination.

This letter should be brought to the attention of the SI:7 agent at Tabetha's Farm, Andello Porter.


What's that you're carrying, <class>?


<Andello reads the letter, shocked at its contents.>

We've long had misgivings about the cooperation between the Horde and the Forsaken, and this only confirms those suspicions. With the backing for Forsaken magic and arms, the Grimtotems would become an even more fearsome enemy. The balance of power in Kalimdor would shift considerably.


You will receive 45Silver


Kill Apothecary Cylla in Direhorn Post of the Quagmire of Dustwallow Marsh. She drops the [Sealed Letter].

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