Objectives Edit

Bring the Ancient Statuette to Talen, in his camp near the Zoram Strand.

Description Edit

I would charge you with a task, <name>.

I was on my small vessel, skimming over the submerged ruins of Zoram, when naga attacked me, surging from the water and tearing at me with their claws! I fled, carrying what supplies I could to make this meager camp.

But when I reached the shore and ran... my prized possession was lost.

Please, <name>, find the site of my ambush, along the coast to the north, and search for an ancient statuette. It is the reason I have braved the dangers of the Zoram Strand.

Progress Edit

Have you found the statuette, <name>?

Completion Edit

You found it!  Thank you, <name>!

The old city of Zoram holds many secrets, and this statuette may be the key to many of them.

Cut Scene Edit

At the completion of this quest...'

Talen says: This statuette must hold a hidden compartment...
Talen searches the ancient statuette.
Talen says: It's locked! NO!!
Talen says: <name>, I am in need of your help once again.

Reward Edit

Notes Edit

On the map, near the word "The" in "The Zoram Strand" is a point of land. Near that point of land is a small boat on the water. On the shore just north of the boat, near a fallen tree, you will find the Ancient Statuette[14, 21] sticking out of the sand.

Quest progression Edit

  • Alliance 15 [20] The Ancient Statuette

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