Quest:The Amphitheater of Anguish: Yggdras!

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Neutral 32 The Amphitheater of Anguish: Yggdras!
EndWodin the Troll-Servant
Requires Level 75
Rewards19Gold 50Silver
NextThe Amphitheater of Anguish: Magnataur!

The Amphitheater of Anguish: Yggdras! starts Northrend's Ring of Blood quest chain. The quest text is slightly different for those players who completed the Nagrand Ring of Blood chain and is denoted below.


Get in the arena at the Amphitheater of Anguish and defeat Yggdras! Return to Wodin the Troll-Servant to redeem your reward.

  • Combat 15 Yggdras Defeated
  • Suggested Players [5]


New fighter:

I'll tell you what, buddy, this place is a far cry from the rolling plains of Nagrand. These trolls are dirtier than ogres; but hey, I go where the gold's at! So welcome to Zul'Drak, pal.

You're new to this racket, so let me set you straight. I'm the fight promoter and this feisty troll next to me is Wodin, my bodyguard. You're the entertainment. When you wanna fight, let me know and I'll set up the match.

If you're ready and got a group of friends with you, we can start! What do you say?

Ring of Blood champion:

I was wondering when you'd show up, <name>! Having a past champion of the Ring of Blood here will be a huge draw! We're gonna be rich, buddy! RICH!

Anyway, this dump is Zul'Drak. All the ice trolls seem to use it as a toilet. I dunno, the whole place is off its rocker if you ask me! Who cares, though, right? We're here to make some gold!

You know the drill, <name>. When you're ready let me know and we'll get this show on the road!


You will receive: 19Gold 50Silver


New fighter:

Not bad, friend. You might make some gold out here - if you manage to stay alive.

Ring of Blood champion:

Hey! I know you. Your victory at the Ring of Blood was talked about for months! Too bad you forfeited the championship when you failed to show up to defend your title! Easy come, easy go, eh? At least you're still alive.



Quest progression

  1. Neutral 15 [77G5] The Champion's Call! (optional)
  2. Neutral 15 [77G5] The Amphitheater of Anguish: Yggdras!
  3. Neutral 15 [77G5] The Amphitheater of Anguish: Magnataur!
  4. Neutral 15 [77G5] The Amphitheater of Anguish: From Beyond!
  5. Neutral 15 [77G5] The Amphitheater of Anguish: Tuskarrmageddon!
  6. Neutral 15 [77G5] The Amphitheater of Anguish: Korrak the Bloodrager!
  7. Neutral 15 [77G5] The Champion of Anguish

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