Objectives Edit

Bring Loramus' Body to the Altar of Storms, then protect it while the ritual completes.

Description Edit

Up on the bluffs to the west lies a powerful altar. A powerful DEMONIC altar, guarded by cultists, but powerful nonetheless. If you can reach it, you can use it to bring Loramus back to us.

The altar will likely resist your efforts, so you'll have to protect Loramus' body while the ritual completes. Bring the demon hunter back to me afterwards.




You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv boots leather 13
[Boots of Demonic Resurrection]
Inv gauntlets 110
[Loramus' Gloves]
Inv bracer 66
[Bracers of the Demonic Altar]
Inv boots plate 21
[Boots of Completed Rituals]
Inv helmet 182
[Helm of Storms]

You will also receive: 2Gold 55Silver

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