Objectives Edit

Deliver [Admiral Proudmoore's Orders] to Vol'jin in Thrall's chamber in Orgrimmar

Description Edit

Humans cannot be trusted. We fought alongside them with a weary heart, knowing they would betray us one day.

Admiral Proudmoore's death was not enough to stop his legacy of deceit. The human scum had his plans well laid out before he ever met his demise.

His reign won't even die with Benedict it seems. Who knows how long it will be before the next waves of Proudmoore's men land upon our shores.

We need to get these orders to Vol'jin in Orgrimmar immediately! He can be found in Thrall's chamber.

Progress Edit

Can you not see that I am busy? This had better be pressing....

Completion Edit

Countless times I urged the Warchief not to trust the humans, but personal pride is not what is at stake here.

You have served the Horde honorably, young <class>.

Now excuse me, I must counsel Thrall on these matters at once....

Miscellaneous Edit

You will find Vol'jin in Grommash Hold, which is in the Valley of Wisdom of Orgrimmar.

This quest was once ended by Nazgrel, in fact Vol'jin's progress and completion text are exactly what Nazgrel used.

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