Objective Edit

Take [Admiral Proudmoore's Orders] to Gar'Thok in Razor Hill.

Description Edit

You open the aged and weathered envelope and discover an official looking document. You recognize the seal of Admiral Proudmoore.

This looks important. Perhaps Gar'Thok, the commander of Razor Hill, would be interested in having this information.

Progress Edit

There is a look of concern on your face, <class>. What have you there?

Completion Edit

This does not bode well at all. You were wise to bring this information to my attention.

Miscellaneous Edit

To find the [Aged Envelope], which begins this quest, you must first kill Lieutenant Benedict in Tiragarde Keep on the second floor and retrieve [Benedict's Key] from his corpse. This key in turn will open a chest on the third floor of Tiragarde keep, which contains the item.

When you use the Aged Envelope and accept the quest, you will lose the Aged Envelope and receive [Admiral Proudmoore's Orders] in its place, which is required to complete this quest.

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