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Kill Admiral Ripsnarl.

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I can't believe it...they're almost done rebuilding it! We don't have much time, <name>.

Admiral Ripsnarl, Vanessa's right hand man, is bound to be on board. We'll never get to her if he's still alive to do anything about it. You're going to need to scale the unfinished Juggernaut, find Ripsnarl, and kill him so we can get to Vanessa's private quarters on the top deck.

Be careful, the Admiral bears the worgen curse and would take much pleasure in digging his claws into you!

("Approach with caution!")

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Completion Edit


Your exploits have gained quite the following in the intelligence community, <name>. Many top members of SI:7 have been earnestly watching you infiltrate the Deadmines through their own Stormwind Communicators.

Mathias Shaw himself wants to speak with you! I'll transfer him over momentarily.

("This is it.")

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

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After dismantling the Foe Reaper 5000, exit the foundry to the north. Defias Enforcers, Defias Blood Wizards and Defias Shadowguards guard this path in linked groups of three. Clear a path through the groups and use the Defias Cannon to blow open the locked Iron Clad Door. However...

The cannon was rigged with an explosive trap!

A group of four Defias run out! Take them out and then head into the Ironclad Cove.

After entering the cove, Laine radios in with this quest. Sunwing Squawkers and Brilliant Macaws are hovering above the dock, but they're not elites. The shipboard cannons are constantly shelling the dock at the marked spots. Standing where the cannonballs land will knock players up and back a few yards, so try to avoid them. On the ship, Defias Pirates and Defias Squallshapers are busy shelling the dock. As at the entrance to the instance, kill the pirate controlling the cannon and use it against other Defias! Head south on the west side of the ship to head up the ramps to the topmost deck.

Admiral Ripsnarl stands topside at [64.2, 39.6] on the east side of the ship. See his article for more information on how to defeat him. Once he has been defeated, Laine radios in again.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [16D] The Foreman
  2. Alliance 15 [16D] The Carpenter
  3. Alliance 15 [16D] The Machination
  4. Alliance 15 [16D] The Admiral
  5. Alliance 15 [17D] The Defias Kingpin

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