Objectives Edit

Archaeologist Flagongut in Menethil Harbor wants you to bring him the Stone of Relu and Flagongut's Fossil.

Description Edit

Prospector Whelgar now holds the original fossil at his site in the Wetlands. When I discovered the Stone of Relu, I believed it to be the key to unlocking the mystery of the fossil.

While I traveled on the road to meet Whelgar, I was attacked by raptors and the relic was lost. I don't know which one of the mottled beasts swallowed the relic but if you can retrieve it, I can unleash the power of these artifacts.

Bring me both the Stone of Relu, and the original fossil he holds.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv axe 23

Progress Edit

With the Stone of Relu I will be able to release the hidden secrets of my fossil as well as Remtravel's fossil from Darkshore, <name>.

Completion Edit

Most excellent, <name>!

Now to see if I can use the stone to decipher the powers of the fossils.

Notes Edit

Archaeologist Flagongut begins to manipulate the Stone of Relu over the two fossils.
Archaeologist Flagongut says: By the stars! A spirit has been summoned!
Aman says: Who hath summoned forth Aman?
Aman says: Ah, I see you toil with relics of the past.
Aman says: Be warned that even your creators are fallible.
Aman says: Digging too deep into your past might bring an abrupt end to your future.
Aman dissipates before your eyes.
Archaeologist Flagongut says: It's a mystery of the past indeed! But a key to our future!

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [14] Trouble in Darkshore?
  2. Alliance 15 [20] The Absent Minded Prospector
  3. Alliance 15 [20G2] The Absent Minded Prospector
  4. Alliance 15 [20] The Absent Minded Prospector
  5. Alliance 15 [20] The Absent Minded Prospector
  6. Alliance 15 [24] The Absent Minded Prospector

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