Quest:That's a Big Bug!

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Both 32 That's a Big Bug!
StartBowmistress Li
EndBowmistress Li
CategoryGate of the Setting Sun
Experience471,000 XP
or 28Gold26Silver at Level 110
Rewards45Gold 60Silver

Objectives Edit

Kill Raigonn.

Description Edit

The mantid have something they call Raigonn. It's a giant bug they're using to bust down the wall's gates!

Let's keep that thing from getting into the vale!

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv misc questionmark
Carapace Inlaid Drape
Inv misc questionmark
Cloak of Collective Thought
Inv misc questionmark
Mantid Exterminator's Cloak
Inv misc questionmark
Cloak of the Unending Swarm
Inv misc questionmark
Drape of the Burning Signal

You will receive: 45Gold 60Silver

Completion Edit

If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it.

Great job, <name>!

Gains Edit

  • 471,000 XP.

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