For the Horde version, see Quest:Thalorien Dawnseeker (Horde).

This quest is part of the The Return of Quel'Delar quest chain Return of Quel'Delar quest chain.

Objectives Edit

Visit Thalorien Dawnseeker's Remains and obtain his blessing to wield Quel'Delar, then return to Halduron Brightwing near the entrance to the Sunwell.

Description Edit

If you truly bear Quel'Delar, <name>, I might be able to admit you to the Sunwell. If you know the blade's history, you recall that it was borne by Thalorien Dawnseeker in defense of the Sunwell against the Scourge. He fell in what is now the Dead Scar, buying time for his men to make their own preparations. You will find his remains near the southern end of the Dead Scar on this isle. Visit them, and if his spirit gives you its blessing, I will allow you to enter the Sunwell.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 7Gold 40Silver

Progress Edit

Did you visit the ground where Thalorien fell defending the Sunwell?

Completion Edit

I confess that I did not expect Thalorien's spirit to recognize you as the heir to Quel'Delar, but I defer to his judgment. You may enter the Sunwell, but I remind you that you are a guest in our most sacred of precincts, and you should act accordingly.

Notes Edit

Since the Isle of Quel'Danas is phased, take this opportunity to run around the isle without being accosted by level 70 demons or wretched. The naga/murlocs are still in-phase, though.

The Dead Scar is at the southern tip of the island. Run north into the scar to find Thalorien Dawnseeker's Remains. Clicking on his body will start an event in which you must defend him from the attacking scourge. Thalorien only has 44,100 HP and Whirlwinds every chance he gets, but he can be healed if necessary. If he dies, the event will fail. Scourge Zombies have 10,080 HP, Ghoul Invaders have 15,750 HP, and Morlen Coldgrip has 37,800 HP.

These appear to be the remains of Thalorien Dawnseeker, the last wielder of Quel'Delar.

Gossipgossipicon Examine the remains.

A host of ten sunwell defenders and the ghost of Thalorien Dawnseeker appear to relive his last moments.
Thalorien Dawnseeker says: We must defend the Sunwell from the enemy at all costs.
Thalorien Dawnseeker says: I am ordering you to withdraw to the Sunwell proper to help prepare the defenses.
Thalorien Dawnseeker says: I will make my stand here and buy you as much time as I am able. Use it well and make our prince proud.
Thalorien Dawnseeker says: It has been a great honor to fight beside you in defense of our land and our people.
The host departs and Thalorien notices the player.
Thalorien Dawnseeker says: You, stranger... you are not one of my soldiers. Will you stay and stand with me to face the enemy?
Morlen Coldgrip appears
Thalorien Dawnseeker yells: Listen well, Scourge defilers. None of you will reach the Sunwell so long as I stand!
Morlen Coldgrip yells: You will fall as your lands and your city have before you. My lord will win a great victory here, and none will remember your name!
Morlen Coldgrip yells: Forward!
5 Scourge Zombies attack
Morlen Coldgrip yells: Ghouls, slay this pathetic high elf!
5 Ghoul Invaders attack
Morlen Coldgrip yells: You will fall before the might of the Scourge. Crypt raiders, attack!
3 Crypt Raiders attack
Morlen Coldgrip yells: I shall kill you myself!
Morlen Coldgrip joins the fight

On victory:

Thalorien Dawnseeker says: I... I wasn't meant to survive this attack.
Thalorien Dawnseeker says: Why has this happened? Why have you come here?
Thalorien Dawnseeker says: It's Quel'Delar! You possess the sword!
Thalorien Dawnseeker says: I don't know how, but the blade has chosen you to be its new wielder. Take it with my blessing, and wield it against the Scourge as I once did.
Thalorien's ghost fades.

If you are grouped with someone who is not on the quest, it may happen that you receive his blessing but that it didn't count for quest completion. If so, just drop party and redo the event.

Run back to the entrance of the Sunwell to turn in.

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Quest progression Edit

All the quests in this chain have a required level of 80 to accept.

  1. The Battered Hilt (Alliance) / (Horde)
  2. What The Dragons Know (Alliance) / (Horde)
  3. Alliance 15 The Sunreaver Plan / Horde 15 The Silver Covenant's Scheme
  4. A Suitable Disguise (Alliance) / (Horde)
  5. Alliance 15 A Meeting With The Magister / Horde 15 An Audience With The Arcanist
  6. Alliance 15 Return To Caladis Brightspear / Horde 15 Return To Myralion Sunblaze
  7. Reforging The Sword (Alliance) / (Horde)
  8. Tempering The Blade (Alliance) / (Horde)
  9. The Halls Of Reflection (Alliance) / (Horde)
  10. Journey To The Sunwell (Alliance) / (Horde)
  11. Thalorien Dawnseeker (Alliance) / (Horde)
  12. The Purification of Quel'Delar (Alliance) / (Horde)
  13. one of:
    Alliance 15 A Victory For The Silver Covenant (sword)
    Alliance 15 A Victory For The Silver Covenant (mace)
    Horde 15 A Victory For The Sunreavers (sword)
    Horde 15 A Victory For The Sunreavers (sword, blood elf)
    Horde 15 A Victory For The Sunreavers (mace)
    Horde 15 A Victory For The Sunreavers (mace, blood elf)

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