Quest:Talk to the Hand

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Alliance 32 Talk to the Hand
StartHarbinger Mikolaas
EndScout Jorli
Requires Level 16
CategoryBloodmyst Isle
Experience140 XP
or 84Copper at Level 110

Objectives Edit

Report to Scout Jorli at Vindicator's Rest.

Description Edit

The Hand of Argus has established a forward base at Vindicator's Rest, but they are sorely outnumbered by both the blood elves and mutated wildlife. Without backup, their outpost is in danger of falling, and we'd have no way to keep an eye on events near the Vector Coil. Report to Scout Jorli at Vindicator's Rest to the northwest and offer her your assistance, <name>.

Completion Edit

I was hoping Blood Watch would send reinforcements once they learned what we're up against.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 140 XP (or 90Copper at level 70)

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