Quest:Taking Care of Business

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Horde 32 Taking Care Of Business
StartSassy Hardwrench
EndForeman Dampwick
Experience10 XP
or 6Copper at Level 100
Reputation+10 Bilgewater Cartel
NextTrouble in the Mines
Good Help is Hard to Find

Objectives Edit

Deliver Sassy's Incentive to Foreman Dampwick[60.2, 74.6] at KTC Headquarters in Kezan.

Description Edit

With all of the troubles down in the Kaja'mine, Foreman Dampwick's been going crazy trying to find you. He said something about some 'defiant trolls'.

The Kaja'mite that our trolls are mining is critical in the creation of [Kaja'Cola]. That bubbly stuff is making us a fortune, and it's going to get you that promotion to Trade <Prince/Princess>!

But first, we have to get production flowing again. You'll find the foreman to the east. Here, give him this as an incentive to get his act together.

Progress Edit

Um... everything's going great. Yeah.

What's that?

Completion Edit

A gift from Sassy? I hope it's a bonus!

Rewards Edit

You will receive:


Sassy's gossip text:

Hey there, boss. I trust that you're enjoying your new promotion?
We all think that you're the one who's going to finally be able to replace that stinky ol' Gallywix and take on the title of Trade <Prince/Princess>. But you didn't hear that from me!
We have a lot to do and very little time. Hope you're ready!

On accept:

Sassy Hardwrench says: Haha! That should be a blast!

On complete:

Foreman Dampwick says: Always nice to get a gift hand delivered by the second-in-command. I think I'll unwrap this right now!
The bomb explodes!
Foreman Dampwick yells: OUCH!
Foreman Dampwick says: Okay, okay! I got the message!

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Official horde mini-icon [1] Taking Care of Business
  2. Official horde mini-icon [1] Trouble in the Mines / Official horde mini-icon [1] Good Help is Hard to Find
  3. Official horde mini-icon [2] Kaja'Cola
  4. Official horde mini-icon [3] Megs in Marketing
  5. Official horde mini-icon [3] Rolling with my Homies
  6. Three-way quest fork:
    1. Official horde mini-icon [3] Report for Tryouts
    2. Official horde mini-icon [3] The Replacements
    3. Official horde mini-icon [3] Necessary Roughness
    4. Official horde mini-icon [3] Fourth and Goal
    5. Official horde mini-icon [3] Give Sassy the News
  7. Returning to KTC Headquarters at level 3, classes get their first class quest:
  8. Official horde mini-icon [3] Life of the Party
  9. Official horde mini-icon [4] Pirate Party Crashers
  10. Official horde mini-icon [4] The Uninvited Guest
  11. Official horde mini-icon [4] A Bazillion Macaroons?!
  12. Four-way quest fork:
  13. Official horde mini-icon [5] 447
  14. Official horde mini-icon [5] Life Savings

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