Objectives Edit

Foreman Mortuus at Warsong Hold wants you to free 5 Warsong Peons.

Description Edit

<Mortuus sighs.>

Peons... We may as well post up a sign offering the Nerub'ar a free meal.

See, the problem with a peon is that: (1) they're dumber than dirt; and (2) they're weaker than a leper gnome. Of course they're the first to be taken by the Scourge!

This puts me in a bit of a predicament, you see. Without peons, manual labor comes to a halt. No peons, no construction.

Find and release my peons, <race>. If they're alive, you'll find 'em spun up in webbing throughout Mightstone Quarry.

Completion Edit

Most of them made it back. The ones smart enough to know that we're inside the gigantic metal and stone building, anyway...

Regardless, a job well done. I hear you sprung more than a couple peons loose.

Oh yes, you're the talk of the... um... fortress.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv misc cape 04
[Weathered Worker Cloak]
Inv boots 08
[Marshwalker Boots]
Inv gauntlets 11
[Westrift Handcovers]
Inv pants plate 09
[Mightstone Legplates]

Gains Edit


The webbed bundles release either a Warsong Peon or an ally that will fight with you for five minutes. Because the webs are considered an enemy and don't fight back, this can be a good way to level your weapon skill.

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