Quest:Take Them Down!

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Neutral 32 Take Them Down!
StartAuld Stonespire
EndAuld Stonespire
Requires Level 30
CategoryRazorfen Kraul
Experience2,450 XP
or 14Silver69Copper at Level 110

Objectives Edit


Description Edit

Overlord Ramtusk and the Death's Head mobilize for war. It took many scouts' lives, but we have learned of the weapon they intend to use to overtake the rest of the Barrens.

It is known as Agathelos the Raging, an immense boar outfitted with heavy armor and force-fed the rage-inducing Kraul bat guano.

<race>, you must stop them before they take innocent lives!

Rewards Edit

You will receive 1Gold 47Silver

Completion Edit

You've done well this day. Agathelos would have taken many lives in its fury.

Gains Edit

  • 2450 XP

Notes Edit

This quest is completed as long as you follow through the instance.

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