Objectives Edit

Read the Tainted Scroll and speak to Maximillion in Deathknell.

Description Edit

Ah, while you were off dealing with the mindless Scourge, this scroll arrived for you. I would think it's some matter of importance as it seems it bears the seal of the warlock trainer Maximillion. I would take some time to read it before heading out again.

Progress Edit

I bid you welcome, brother. I knew you would come. It was only a matter of time. What I said interested you, didn't it? I hit a chord... something inside you knew what I claimed was truth. Good. Know this though: I am no traitor to Sylvanas. If anything, she would appreciate my claims considering it was her own beliefs that has put the Forsaken in the position it is now.

Completion Edit

I mentioned a slave still being a slave, no matter the master. Do you remember? We both know that it is that type of control--that type of power--that now drives us. We seek to have creatures serve us. We know we are more powerful and deserve more respect than others give us ... and so now we look to take it. I will be your ally in this struggle--the struggle for our own freedom. Freedom to seek our own allegiances. When you feel ready, return to me and I will teach you all I know.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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