Quest:Tabetha's Task

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Neutral 32 Tabetha's Task
StartBati [46, 63]
or Bink
or Jennea Cannon
Requires Level 40
Experience40-410 XP
or  at Level 100

Objectives Edit

Speak with Tabetha in Dustwallow Marsh.

Quest Text Edit

Rumor is that Tabetha, a mage colleague who lives deep in Dustwallow Marsh, has a bone to pick with a certain sand troll in Zul'Farrak. If you speak with Tabetha she can tell you more.

And bring some friends with you, <name>. If Tabetha has you go to Zul'Farrak then you're not going to want to go alone.

You will find Tabetha's cottage west of Theramore, and just north of the Stonemaul Ruin.

Details Edit

Tabetha is a hermit who lives deep in the Dustwallow Marsh. Her shack is north of the Stonemaul Ruins.

Reward Edit

Experience Awarded 40-410

Quest ProgressionEdit

Additional Notes Edit

This quest can begin from the following Alliance Mage Trainers

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