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This quest is only granted to Blacksmiths who have 250 or greater skill.

Neutral 32 Sweet Serenity
StartLilith the Lithe
EndLilith the Lithe
Requires Level 50
Experience8,550 XP
or 51Silver30Copper at Level 110
RewardsPlans: Enchanted Battlehammer

Objectives Edit

Travel to Stratholme and kill the Crimson Hammersmith. Recover the Crimson Hammersmith's Apron and return to Lilith.

Quest text Edit

Within the confines of the Scarlet Bastion lies sweet Serenity. The Crimson Hammersmith guards the recipe with his life. Defeat him and bring me his apron. For that, I shall train you to become a hammersmith.

Understand this: Once you have chosen the path of the hammersmith, the paths of the swordsmith and axesmith will no longer be available.

Progress Edit

His apron! Where is it?

Completion Edit

May you bash in many a brain, <name>!

Reward Edit

Notes Edit

The Blacksmithing Plans needed have been seen to drop in the Scarlet Bastion (live side of Stratholme). There have been insufficient reports to indicate whether there is more than one location where they can be found.

Prior to Burning Crusade, this quest was a prerequisite for learning Hammersmithing.

When it was possible for raid groups to enter Stratholme, this quest could not be completed if you enter the instance as part of a raid group, even if you dropped out before the Hammersmith.

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