Objectives Edit

Scuttle Frostprow wants you to obtain Big Roy's Blubber as the main ingredient for her magic swabbin' soap. Return to her at on the eastern pirate ship at Scalawag Point when you have it.

Description Edit

Yeah, I got to get the deck swabbed spotless afore Mad Jonah comes 'round. An' I ain't gonna do it on my hands and knees neither!

Problem is, we're all outta soap. That's more your problem than mine though, mate. Being the newbie 'round here, I got a special trip for ya to make.

Up on the northwest coast of this island, there's a whole mess o' sea lions. Amongst the nearby ice floes you'll find the alpha bull, Big Roy. Bring me back his blubber and I'll magic-up the best soap ya ever seen!

Rewards Edit

This is dependent on your reputation.

You will receive: 4Gold 70Silver

Revered: 7Gold 40Silver

Progress Edit

Where's that blubber? An' don't try to tell me he ain't got none either.

That Big Roy's so damned big it's a wonder he can still galumph around!

Completion Edit

Ew, that's a stink if I ever smelled one!

Go on now, put it down here. I'll cast my spell and she'll be swabbin' soap for sure!

Notes Edit

Big Roy paths, check by the northwest edge of the isle. When turning in, a short script event happens:

Scuttle Frostprow says: There we go, <name>! This fat'll do the trick fer sure! And now for some real swabbin'!
Scuttle Frostprow summons in about 30 mops and buckets.
Drunken Northsea Pirate says: What ...hic?!
Scuttle Frostprow says: Look at 'em go! Spotless!
Drunken Northsea Pirate throws his cup of grog overboard towards land.
Drunken Northsea Pirate says: That's it... no more grog for me!

Quest progressionEdit

Prequisite: You will need to have to completed a prior quest chain starting with Neutral 15 [71] Orfus of Kamagua. If you have not done this quest chain, you will find the NPC's to be Hostile.

  1. Neutral 15 [71] Swabbin' Soap
  2. Neutral 15 [71 Daily] The Way to His Heart...

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