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Alliance 32 Supplying the Front
StartTormus Deepforge
EndThorvald Deepforge
Requires Level 5
Experience90-900 XP
or  at Level 110
RewardsPlans: Heavy Copper Longsword

Pre-Requisites Edit

Must be a Blacksmith with 30 skill

Objectives Edit

Bring 6 Copper Axes and 6 Copper Chain Belts to Thorvald in the southern guard tower of Loch Modan.

Quest text Edit

The mountaineers of Loch Modan are fighting troggs, and having a busy time of it! They need constant supplies of new armor and weapons if we're ever to get a handle on those troggs.

That's why my colleague Thorvald is there, trying to keep the mountaineers in good gear. So if you were to make some copper axes and copper chain belts and bring them to Thorvald, he would be obliged. He might even share his knowledge with you.

Thorvald is in Loch Modan's southern guard tower.

Progress Edit

I have no time to chat. Do you have business with me?

Completion Edit

Ah, apologies! I didn't realize you were here to help resupply our troops. The stuff you made will be a big help!

Here are plans for some armor. I hope you find them useful.

Reward Edit

Notes Edit

  • To find the southern guard tower, follow the road south out of Thelsamar. The tower should be on the right side of the road as you head south into the mountains. Thorvald's coordinates are 24,74.

0200Bc icon Patch 2.3.0 (13-Nov-2007):  Previously, the quest reward was Plans:Copper Chain Vest. The quest text may or may not have been updated (verification required).

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