Objectives Edit

Deliver the Miscellaneous Goblin Supplies to Private Thorsen.

Description Edit

Hmm. Yes, I do have something you could do, actually. Lieutenant Doren and his followers up in the north need their regular supplies from us.

They haven't been delivered, and with the trolls attacking, I'll need someone to do it. Doren's camp lies northwest of the road at the entrance to Stranglethorn from Duskwood. Give the supplies to Private Thorsen, if he's not in the camp, then he'll be patrolling south of it. He'll take care of them.

Mind you, if you fail, you'll owe me restitution.


Yes? What do you want? Oh, supplies from the goblins. Strange seeing a <race> delivering them, usually they send their own. No matter... you didn't touch them did you? Good good... we wouldn't want anything to happen to our mines, oh no.


These land mines will help us defend ourselves from that animal Kurzen and his men. Thank you for bringing them. If you need further work, I can probably find something for you to do. And you won't have to deal with those goblins, hm?


You will receive: 16Silver


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 675 XP (or 3Silver 90Copper at level 70)

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