Quest:Supplies for the Crossroads

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Horde 32 Supplies for the Crossroads
StartThork [51, 30]
EndThork [51, 30]
Requires Level 9
CategoryThe Barrens


That attack on the caravan contained supplies we desperately needed.

You've been brave enough to take on the Razormane tribe so far, and I will ask you to do so again, but this time, I wonder if I could ask you to keep your eyes open for some of our lost supplies. You can probably find them throughout their camps, the quilboar getting fat off their dishonorable acts.

The people of the Crossroads would be in your debt.

Progress Edit

How goes your search for the supplies, <Player Name>? I trust the quilboar fall under your strength easily.

Completion Edit

Haha! Thank you, <name>! This will help us greatly. You're a boon to the Crossroads and to the Horde. If there is anything I can do for you, please, let me know.

Task Edit

Find and return [Crossroads' Supply Crates] to Thork in the Barrens.

Reward Edit


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How to Complete Supplies For the Crossroads In World Of Warcraft 201301:11

How to Complete Supplies For the Crossroads In World Of Warcraft 2013

Notes Edit

Crates are located at 59.4, 24.9[59.4, 24.9] in The Barrens.

The Crossroads' Supply Crates are two stacks of crates outside a small Razormane Quilboar settlement northeast of the mountains that are east of Crossroads.

You will need one inventory spot free to carry the Crossroads' Supply Crates, which is required to complete this quest.

You may wish to complete this quest along with the Official horde mini-icon [??] The Disruption Ends quest, as you will find the Crossroads' Supply Crates near Kreenig Snarlsnout and the Razormane Quilboars this quest requires you kill.

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